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Define Static Keyword

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Static Keyword in Java

static is a keyword and means ‘ can be accessed without the help of an object ‘.

static is used an access modifier with members ( variables and methods ) of class. A static member belongs to the whole class. That is, all the objects of the class share ( or access ) the same static variable. Or to say, a static variable is common to all the objects of the class. static variables do not have “this” reference. ‘ this ‘ is a keyword used to refer to a particular current object. This is quite contrast with instance variables where each variable keeps a separate copy of data when called with an object. The static variables like instance variables are given default values ( like zero for int ), if not assigned any values.

Declaring static members :

static int count ;

static int min( int a, int b)




Static Keyword Example :

public class StaticDemo {
 static int salary = 5000;
 public static void display() {
 public static void main(String args[]) {

  //called directly without object
  StaticDemo sd = new StaticDemo();

  //called with object

  //called with class name

  //all the below display calls prints Hello


Output :

double d = 10.5;
int x = d;
int y = (int) d;

In the above, casting is done explicitly by us as we are assigning d of datatype double ( 8 bytes ) to x of datatype int ( 4 bytes ).
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